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Menu planning.

Way in advance, I’ve decided to cook for mother’s day. Well I want to go on a weekend trip with some buddies so I’ve decided without consulting anyone else that we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day on the Friday instead of the Sunday and since I’ll be the only one in, I’ll play in the kitchen. I have to cook something I can eat as well. Which means healthy food for all! They’ll have carbs, but I won’t. Here’s my planned menu if you’re interested.

Mesclun salad with cherry tomatoes & garlic balsamic dressing.

Lemon salmon (sans minted peas)

Roasted veggies. For now I plan to use mushrooms, peppers, sweet potatoes, eggplant and asparagus.

Fruit salad with lime & mint dressing, served with Greek yoghurt.

I like special occasions because they revolve around food. Yes, I love food. But I think it’s high time I start approaching such occasions differently. Anyway, eating healthy is good for everyone !


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The Plan.

okay so my final finals week as a uni student has arrived. I will not lie and say I have mugged. Because I have not. I am going to have to wing it, somehow!

The annoying thing is that this whole finals thing is throwing my exercise and eating schedule off limit. I have as such, made plans to keep it in check.

All my exams are from 5-7pm. Which means by the time I get out of the exam hall it could potentially be close to 7.30pm. That means that on Tuesday and Thursday I won’t be able to make it to the gym in time for aerobics. Boo! I can’t drive and therefore don’t drive, and don’t have a car to drive anyway so I’d have to take the bus and train there, and that takes about an hour when you’re trying to squeeze onto public transport post-exam. Especially when your extremely isolated university campus only has ONE public bus service going there.

Here’s the plan:

Focus on exams on Monday (French 1), Tuesday (German 2) and Thursday (Buisness Snore Law).

I have a free day on Wednesday which I will be using to swot for said Business exam, but I can fork out an hour to get a swim. It would be a nice change from all that jumping and cardio work anyway.

Exams end on Thursday so I can have another swim on Friday. I tap on weekdays to swim because the public pool is peaceful at around 11am-2pm. I just have to remember the sunscreen!

On Saturday or Sunday, I will go for a power walk. I am trying to get back into the running habit but am not confident of jogging yet so I’m going to begin with power walking and then work it up to a slow jog.

As for eating, I’ve discovered my Achilles heel. It’s weekends. I don’t really eat in on weekends so food is a struggle. Especially when faced with not-s0-low-carb options and a tonne of temptation. I didn’t deal well with it yesterday (Saturday) but today I think I was much better. I’ve resolved to prepare and bring along as much of my food as possible to avoid any more mishaps.

Stocked up on several yummy carb-safe things today -soy milk and frozen edamame. I love soy things! I also found bread which is low GI and didn’t spike me much. 22.8g carbs, but 5.8g fibre. 17g net carbs for 2 slices is a good deal. I had a toasted sandwich with (very spicy) chilli tuna and reduced-fat cheese for lunch with some mesclun salad greens and it was all good. I hope this week will be a good week in terms of BG management, because I’m a little worried about how things will go.

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What shall it be?

I’m a fan of group exercise classes. The peer pressure thing works really well on me. I might not want to do jumping jacks but if everyone’s doing it then I don’t want to look like an idiot, and I do them too. It works well. My aerobics class is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings but because of the nature of the job I will be taking on come June, I won’t be continuing with it. It’s sad really because I enjoy them. I’m looking for a class to take on weekends instead.

Now I can’t make up my mind –

Will it be kickboxing or body sculpt?

I have some time to decide. I just hope the slots don’t get taken too quickly!

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Perfect morning.

The sun is shining, I didn’t sleep in till 11am as I am quite capable of and despite a near-blood sugar fiasco last night thanks to an hour-long aerobics (torture) class and my ongoing issue with a post-exercise spike, I woke up to see this beautiful number on my meter. Yay! It’s my lowest fasting number to date, ever since I restarted my diabetes care regime.

Perfect morning.
Awesome possum!

Mornings are so much better when you wake up with a nice number and it sets your day right. Makes me feel a little bit invincible! The exercise and moderate-low carbing has helped heaps and continuing this is the best thing to do.

So excuse me while I go test my BG, finish a French worksheet (final on Monday, yikes) and go for a swim to relieve the tension in my aching muscles. Hop

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Kitchen adventures #1

I’ve never really been much of a cook. I used to bake, but that ended when I was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s difficult to find low-carb baking ingredients in Singapore (or maybe I’m too lazy to travel around to find them) and although I can replace refined carbs with wholemeal flour and sugar with Splenda, I have ZERO discipline when it comes to pastry. I love pastry, both sweet and savoury, in most forms and I shouldn’t try to recall how much cake I could wolf down in former times.

Recently I decided to go quite low carb. I’m not a real low-carber like some people I know through forums, but I do watch my carb intake very carefully. I try to eat at least one meal a day with no starchy carbs. I need to have something a little carby in the morning because my BG just drops without it. I don’t live with dawn phenomenon and my blood sugar starts dropping when I awake. I have experimented successfully with yoghurt and berries, wholewheat toast with cheese, eggs or peanut butter and this morning, a small bowl of Special K cereal. All with pretty good numbers I was pleased with. I eat lunch out half the time so I tend to eat some carbs as it is difficult to find no or low-carb dishes here, but I make sure I eat carbs I know won’t bring my blood sugar to paradise and leave it there. I concluded this from testing my blood sugar aggressively.

It is usually dinner that I extreme low-carb with, but I’ve been experimenting with homecooked lunch options recently since it’s my study break and I need to eat in between surfing diabetes blogs and forums, watching telly shows online, and studying. I hope to keep blogging about my food discoveries – it’s difficult to imagine an Asian girl living without rice and noodles, and in my case potatoes, but it’s fun discovering new ways to do things and delicious low-carb meals.

Today, I made this delicious, filling and nutritious lunch. A tard bit high on sodium but overall, not bad. And low-carb! WIN!

Day 18: Yummy in my tummy.

I had a strange craving for instant miso soup today so that was the first thing I did. We have instant miso paste at home so I just emptied 3/4 of a sachet into a bowl, with the freeze-dried wakame, tofu skin and spring onions, and added a cup of hot water. Stuck it into my thermal pot to keep warm while I prepped the rest.

I prepped the salmon by washing it and patting it dry with a kitchen towel before rubbing it with some bottled teriyaki sauce and black pepper. I used a Chinese soup spoon to measure the teriyaki sauce, but my spoons are a bit shallower and smaller than the kind you get at Chinese restaurants. I used about 2/3 a spoon of sauce. Popped it in a preheated oven at 230 degrees celcius to bake for about 15 minutes.

I meanwhile prepped my veggie dishes. The salad was easy peasy and outrageously delicious. Chopped up some baby romaine lettuce and a tomato, and threw it into a bowl. Drizzled over extra virgin olive oil and tossed it with my fingers. Added two teaspoons of white vinegar and tossed it with my fingers again. I then sprinkled sea salt and dried herb mix over the salad and yes, tossed it again with my fingers. It then got sent to the fridge to chill while I checked on the fish and made my mushroom dish.

Mushrooms are one of my most favourite foods ever. They don’t spike me, they taste great and there are so many kinds. I like Shimeiji and Enoki mushrooms best but I bought Shiitake and Enoki mushrooms today. Washed and chopped up the shrooms. I left the Enoki shrooms as they are cos they’re kind of noodle-y in appearance and I thought I could trick myself into thinking I was eating noodles. Heated up a little bit of soya oil in a pan and dumped in the Shiitake mushrooms first as they were thicker and needed more cooking time. I added water to help the shrooms cook faster, followed by a few drops of soy sauce. I dumped the Enoki mushrooms in next and stirred them around until they began to cook. When everything looked more or less cooked, I added two drops of oyster sauce and an accidentally generous splash of Chinese cooking wine. It smelled great!┬áServed it up with my fish and salad.

I washed down everything with a can of my favourite drink – unsweetened iced oolong tea. I even had a handful of unsalted almonds for dessert! So yummy. I can’t wait to try out more of my own invented recipes, and I’ll be surfing the web for things I can adapt to suit my liking and dietary needs.

And so my new adventure begins, with my kitchen as the playground.

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When I’m having a bad day, I must remember what Prof T said to me at my last appointment when I walked in sobbing and depressed –

“You’ll be fine.”

I will be fine. I will be.

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the most versatile food.

I reckon it’s eggs! I love eggs. Whether with yolks or not, I love them.

When I was little, my favourite breakfast was toast with soft boiled eggs. Eggs would be cracked and mixed with soy sauce and white pepper and I’d tear off bits of my toast and dunk it into my egg mixture, fishing it out with a teaspoon and popping it into my mouth. I am also a fan of omelettes, poached eggs, scrambled eggs and a good sunny side up with a runny yolk, eaten with a drop or two of dark soy sauce (hey, I’m Chinese).

Now that I have diabetes, it’s a really good thing I like eggs. They’re proteiny, fill me up and have NO CARBS. Win!

Today I made scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes, a dash of non-fat milk dried herb mix, black pepper and creamy light tuna mayo today. Served it with leftover mesclun greens and avocado from last night. That had virtually no carbs in it. Had a slice of wholewheat bread (11g carb) to go along with it as I’m hitting the gym tonight and need a little bit of carbs in the afternoon.

Perfect, quick and easy to wash up.

I love eggs.

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