Baby Steps.

April 3, 2010 at 4:17 pm Leave a comment

I first published this on my Diabetes Daily blog, but I think it deserves first post status here to remind me (and all of us) that life isn’t over, and we just need to take teensy little steps in our journeys with diabetes before we can leap.

So in line with the resolution I made last night to gain control of my diabetes again, I headed off to the pool this morning after a quick brekkie of 1 slice of toast and half a glass of soy milk.

I love to swim. It’s the only exercise that at the moment, I truly enjoy. And I haven’t swum since I was on holiday in New Zealand last Christmas when I used to hit the pool after dinner to swim at sunset.

The weather this morning was perfect for a swim – warm and humid, but cloudy. The water temperature was nice. It wasn’t warm as it can be sometimes when the weather’s scorching, and it wasn’t freezing cold.

Then I began swimming laps. Slow, steady laps. Breathing in and out, in and out, my body found rhythm and kept going, with little 10 second breaks in between laps.

I swam some laps faster, pushing my arms and shoulders so they’d burn and ache, and finally swam my last two laps slowly, making sure to perform each stroke well so my muscles would stretch. 10 laps, 1km, 45 minutes. Not particularly fast, but rather good for a first workout in months. 

BG remained as it was when I took a fasting number, so I figure that although nothing groundbreaking happened, it is good that I got my bum out of the house and into the pool. Will definitely be headed back there tomorrow and beyond, especially on days when I have no classes to attend.

Popped by the supermarket after that to pick up cans of unsweetened green and oolong teas, which are now chilling in my fridge.

And all these my friends, may not be huge leaps but are baby steps in the right direction. And baby steps I must make first before I can run, jump and fly.

So tomorrow, it’s back to the pool for me. And 12 laps this time, not 10. 

Update: I swam 11 laps that day. Not quite there yet, but certainly better than 10 laps.


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