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April 4, 2010 at 2:31 pm Leave a comment

To my left pinky finger, one of my best ‘bleeders’. Heheheh.

It’s generally not difficult to get a sample from this finger, and my left ring finger as well. Now that I’ve really started getting back into the habit of testing my blood sugar, these two fingertips have a nice little pattern of brownish dots on them. Nice to see them again after so long. It’s like meeting an old friend – you know exactly what to do and what’s going to happen.

I found that when I let my BG control slip, I stopped being in tune with what my body was doing. I’d happily and ignorantly let my BG shoot up to levels I’m incredibly ashamed of now.  I didn’t know what my body was doing, and definitely lost my mojo.

The key to being in tune with my wonky pancreas and its effect on my body is a few simple pricks of the finger performed each day. Each blood droplet represents tighter control, or the want to gain tighter control. Each droplet of blood represents listening to my body and what it is telling me. It might not be a lot of blood but it sure goes a long way.

I’ll admit that in recent times, I actually found testing my blood sugar a chore. The fact that I was obligated to poke my fingers with a needle thing at least twice a day made me feel less human. Today, I’m finding that this practice will help me remain a living human for a longer time, and I hope I don’t lose touch with this again.

By the way, the blood droplet you see above was a beautiful 5.5mmol pre-dinner reading. Sweeeeet. And it’s about time I pop by the loo to wash my hands with water and soap. You know what time it is.


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Baby Steps. Reforming the Foodie.

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