Reforming the Foodie.

April 6, 2010 at 4:13 am Leave a comment

I’ll admit straight up, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FOOD.


My love for food has led to a multitude of bad food choices and a dire lack of self control. It doesn’t help that I am a total carb junkie. Does it surprise you that my all-time favourite food is sushi, complete with that delicious, sticky Japanese rice?

So a big part of getting back on track with diabetes control is eating healthy. I’ve had to relearn the ropes of healthy eating and carb counting. I don’t strictly count carbs, but I watch portion sizes very carefully. Starting from last week, I’ve been doing twice-weekly grocery runs to buy personal food supplies. I live with my family (if you’re reading from overseas, it is common practice for us in Asia to stay with our parents until marriage or unless we decide to move out) and I find that I need to buy my own carb-safe foods so I don’t nosh on things that might spike me. I just popped by the supermarket yesterday to pick up a couple of items:

I bought strawberries and blueberries, which are fabulously low carb and don’t do a thing to my blood sugar as long as I don’t like, eat the entire box in one sitting, canned green tea, which is super refreshing and a nice addition to meals, baked unsalted almonds for when the munchies hit, and caffeine-free berry tea bags which I am going to make a nice bottle of chilled, lightly sweetened (with Splenda!) iced tea with. All little lifestyle changes which I remind myself, are only good for me. I also wanted to buy these strawberry and mango frozen yoghurt pops which are 10g carb per pop but couldn’t find them. Oh well.

I’m learning that yummy food doesn’t necessarily have to be bad for you or your blood sugar. I had a delicious, healthy, and low-carb breakfast this morning – herbed scrambled eggs and a handful of sweet blueberries, and am definitely looking forward to discovering new flavours and adaptations to my favourite but not so healthy foods. It’s hard sometimes to the kick the carb habit, because carbs are just sooo yummy and they undeniably make me feel happy, but ultimately, I want control of my body and my diabetes and if these are the things I need to do to gain it, I must have the resolve to stick to it.


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