Adventures of Daena who lost her wallet.

April 9, 2010 at 4:36 pm 1 comment

So I am a little klutzy and careless. Or ‘blur’ as we call it in Singapore.

On my way home from school yesterday I decided the weather was too hot and I decided that I wanted an ice cold coke light. The best place to get that was the McDonald’s outlet I pass by everyday. I was very good, and ordered a small one and no food to go along. Just recently I’d have definitely gotten the fried wings or 6 chicken nuggets to go along, but I didn’t this time. Yay me!

Anyway I’d been lugging several books around all day and sat down to drink it, leaving my wallet on a ledge at the side of a table. When I reached home, I rushed to have a small healthy pre-gym snack (multigrain toast with peanut butter) and went off for the torturous workout I blogged about yesterday. I forgot to bring my phone and wallet with me and decided it didn’t matter cos the gym’s a leisurely 10-15 minute stroll from my place.

Fast forward to this morning.

I wake up, test (5.5, yay) and shower because I have a project meeting at a friend’s home. I start digging for my wallet and realise, OH CRAP it ain’t there. Dug several bags and several nooks in my room. And it was not there. Mentally retraced my steps, panicked a little and rushed out the door. Only good thing was that my public transport fare card was in my jeans pocket and I could still take the train. So anyway I made a police report, cancelled my ATM/debit card and rushed off for my meeting.

Thing is, I didn’t really eat low-carb today. I forgot to bring my meter out as well so I could only guesstimate what my BG was doing based on how I felt and how my stomach was growling. Midway into the afternoon I got reaaaaally hungry. I’d eaten a light breakfast at 10 but was running around the place in the morning trying to get things in order. I got quite hungry around 3pm. Asked my friend if I could poke around her fridge, and helped myself to a tiny bottle of probiotic drink. I don’t know how many carbs was in it, but an hour later I was still ravenous and could feel my tummy growling. I then ate a small steamed char siew (roast pork) bun, made with evil white refined flour but I didn’t care. I just wanted my tummy to stop growling! It kind of worked and although I was still pretty much starving I lasted until I got back to my neighbourhood at around 7pm.

I was feeling weak, cranky and a little shaky, so I figured my body registered that my blood sugar was dropping. Even though I had no cash on me, I could pay for stuff at 7-11 with my fare card. So I walked as fast as I could to the nearest 7-11 although dinner time was near and bought a bottle of water because I was thirsty, and a steamed chicken bun. I peeled all the bun away from the chicken and ate it. Okay I ate some of the bun too. And instantly felt much better to have some food in my system.

When I got home, my mom had made pasta with veggie and chicken sauce for dinner. I LOVE her sauce. Tomatoes, zucchini, onion, mushroom, garlic, red and green peppers, garlic, and diced chicken. I was planning to just have sauce with salad in line with the whole low-carb thing I am adopting but something told me to eat those carbs. So I had a bowl of spaghetti (yes, more white evil refined carbs) and loaded up with sauce. I ate some sauce on its own too. And I sprinkled lots of chilli powder on it. I like my spicy food! I also had some salad veggies and avocado, and finished off my dinner with a strawberry.

About 3 hours later I decided to test. After feeling my stomach growl again. It was weird because I’d eaten way more carbs than I’ve been eating at dinnertime, but I’d also pretty much starved the entire day. I thought it’d be good to see what happened. It was a beautiful number, but certainly not one I’d expect after the pile of carbs I’d consumed.

5.7, the meter read.

I’d taken my medication but even when I don’t have starchy carbs for dinner and just have veggies and protein, my BG can be higher when I take my post-meal readings.

I am about to test again to see that I’m not on a downward spiral.

But lesson learned today: one definitely needs to eat to live. Come to think of it, I was actually kind of cranky and lost in space during my meeting. I could well have been low (or at least much lower than usual) and didn’t know it. So yes, I am a diabetic food lover and I will continue to love the function of food in my life. As fuel.


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  • 1. Tabea  |  December 9, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Do you know for sure if refined carbs are that evil? As in, is this verified by your meter, or is it just received wisdom? Because I was also told the same but changed my mind after getting a different opinion from the only thing I really trust – my meter. To my broken metabolism, a carb is a carb and it doesn’t matter whether it is refined or not. My meter told me that I can metabolize baguettes and croissants much more readily than lentils.


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