the most versatile food.

April 20, 2010 at 8:29 am Leave a comment

I reckon it’s eggs! I love eggs. Whether with yolks or not, I love them.

When I was little, my favourite breakfast was toast with soft boiled eggs. Eggs would be cracked and mixed with soy sauce and white pepper and I’d tear off bits of my toast and dunk it into my egg mixture, fishing it out with a teaspoon and popping it into my mouth. I am also a fan of omelettes, poached eggs, scrambled eggs and a good sunny side up with a runny yolk, eaten with a drop or two of dark soy sauce (hey, I’m Chinese).

Now that I have diabetes, it’s a really good thing I like eggs. They’re proteiny, fill me up and have NO CARBS. Win!

Today I made scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes, a dash of non-fat milk dried herb mix, black pepper and creamy light tuna mayo today. Served it with leftover mesclun greens and avocado from last night. That had virtually no carbs in it. Had a slice of wholewheat bread (11g carb) to go along with it as I’m hitting the gym tonight and need a little bit of carbs in the afternoon.

Perfect, quick and easy to wash up.

I love eggs.


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