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Life is goooood.

I finally got my arse out of school after 16 years of formal + tertiary education, pending my final exam results and the uploading of my honours project report onto the (lagging) school library repository.

My numbers are in pretty awesome shape. I have fasting numbers below 5. That is amazing!

I eat much better now. More veggies and lean protein, some fruit. No carbs at dinner. I watch how much I eat. But I indulge a little sometimes. I had mushroom and veggie pizza for lunch on Monday!

I’m so enjoying my holidays before I start work next month. Brunches and lunches with friends. Trip planning! Laughing over iced lemon teas. Reconnecting.

I exercise regularly. More on this later.

I signed up for an all-women’s 5K race as a 3rd dia-versary present to myself. Need to start training soon.

I’m going on holiday next weekend – SHOPPING IN HONG KONG AWAITS!

I lost 4 kilos. That is 8lbs. Wooohooo. And yes, I’m amazed. I ate pizza! And I made wings for lunch yesterday cos I was too lazy to think of what to do with a plain chicken breast, and caved in and got myself pre-marinated wings from Cold Storage.

Sometimes though, I really am a bit of a smart arse.

Yesterday I decided I was superwoman and decided to do two workouts in one day. Okay, I was at home and feeling extremely restless in the early afternoon. Plus, SIngapore is pretty much an oven now with daytime temperatures above 30 degrees celcius. I headed to the pool and did a 12-lap swim in an hour. I felt pretty happy, and proceeded to the supermarket to buy lunch ingredients. I made chicken wings and pasta stir-fry with tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic. Yum. My PP number was great, 6.1. I was pleased.

Then, I had aerobics last night too. It was gruelling, thanks to the push-ups. Which I must add, I immensely dislike. This morning, I woke up at 4.9, which was better than perfect….and aching arms.

I shall have to let my muscles rest a little today and hit the pool tomorrow instead.


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